The Non-Profit Conundrum

Why should nonprofit organizations spend their time and money on social media when they have so many more important endeavors to pursue? We teach nonprofits all the tricks to make social media easy, affordable and effective.  

Success on social media is:
Having Fun


Fun, innovative and cheap online courses that will give you tons of valuable advice to increase your social media influence.
Social Media Sites Worldwide
Minutes in a day
Things needing your attention

You have so much to do each day

As a nonprofit, you have so much on your plate.  Let us help you make social media easier and affordable.
Do you want to understand social media better? Want personalized hints and tips on what you can do to for a specific social media site? Schedule a free 30 minute consultation and we'll go over what makes your organization unique and what you can implement today. Contact us to learn more.
Stuck on your social media strategy? Want to know what to post, when to post and how to post in an easy but authentic way? Are you ready to elevate your social media outreach without breaking the bank? Let's put a plan in place together that will make social media a snap.
Tired of feeling you are on your own when it comes to your organization's social media accounts? Want your organization to work together to increase your social media outreach? We'll come in and show you easy ways to increase your organic reach and engage your volunteers, donors, board members and friends.

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