Who’s ready to quit their job and blog professionally? Many blogs do make money (some of them even post the numbers). Now you can, too. Here’s the ultimate list of ways to monetize your blog so you can get paid to do what you love.


1. What if you could make money just by people playing trivia games? With SplashPlay all you have to do is create a trivia game to go along with your blog posts and add a link. Now you’re engaging your readers and earning passive income each time someone answers a question. The best part is SplashPlay is giving away 3 months to 5 lucky bloggers. Check it out.

Content Publishing

2. Write an e-book – This is a great way to show your authority on a subject. An e-book can be almost anything. It could be an in-depth analysis of a subject, a collection of your most popular blog post, a cookbook, or a photo collage. Anything that captures the reader’s attention.

3. Self-publish a book on Amazon – If it’s good, you might want to go a step further and self-publish. This can be a fictional story or your memoir, or even a collection of amusing stories. If you have established yourself as an authority, you have the audience that will want to learn more from you. Be sure to add links to additional content and have a call to action at the end. You can even offer it free as a lead magnet.

4. Publish a hard copy – The pinnacle of writing, becoming a published author. Imagine seeing your book in the local bookstore. If you have the talent and the fan base, a published book is definitely a possibility.

5. Online Tutorial – A tutorial is a little bit easier than a book because it is a step-by-step guide and takes less planning than a book. If you excel at anything a tutorial is a great way to showcase that knowledge.

6. Slideshare Presentation – Post a presentation on Slideshare with links to affiliate partners, services, and lead magnets mentioned in the slides. Be sure to add some info at the end, too. Premium members can even add a form to the end of their slides to capture interested leads.

7. Webinar – A webinar is a great way to showcase your personality and have some fun with your fan base. You can choose to give a free webinar that highlights your products or services or you a paid webinar that teaches your audience. Webinar Ninja and GoToWebinar are some examples.

8. Bundle Webinars – Take the recording from several webinars on the same or similar topics and bundle them together for sale.

9. Courses – Courses often incorporate video, manuals, and quizzes for learning a complex subject. There are websites that will host the content or you can set it up on your own site in a password protected section. Udemy and teachable are a couple examples.

10. White Paper – This is a technical paper that is very in-depth and concise. It is best if it has had data with facts and figures. Most of the time it persuades, educates and presents a solution to a problem.

11. Product Bundle – Blogger can take their different content types about a certain topic and bundle them together in a specialty package.

12. Influencer Bundle – Instead of offering content that is just your own, get together with another or several other bloggers that have related content and offer it together in a package deal. Then everyone promotes it on their website and splits the profits. This is a great way to get exposure to new readers who you know are interested in your blog or website topic.


13. Sell Blog Swag – There are many companies out there that will allow you create shirts, hats, pens and tons of other promotional items for you to sell on your blog.

14. Sell Your Products – If you create products, sell them on your blog. Anything that sells on Etsy, Ebay or Amazon would be great to sell on your blog and you don’t have to share the profits with those sites.

15. Other People’s Products – Maybe you have the web traffic and someone else has a product that would work well with your content. Have them sell it on your blog and split the profits.

16. Drop-ship Products – Drop-shipping allows you to sell items directly from the manufacturer that you never have to stock. Lots of people can make a good amount of money with order fulfillment.

17. Direct Sales/MLM Companies – Direct sales and multi-level marketing is a huge business and covers a wide range of products including health and wellness, cleaning supplies, make-up, jewelry, candles and so many others. If one product resonates with you, you might want to sell it on your site.

Digital Merchandise

18. Blog Flipping – Many bloggers and website owners learned how to create their website themselves. You can do that for others by either offering website creation as a service or create a website and post it for sale on sites like eBay Website Auctions, Digital Point Forum, or on Bloggeries – an awesome site that has tons of resources for bloggers.

19. Sell Your Blog – Tired of blogging? Don’t shut it down, sell it. The more site views it has each month, the more the blog is worth.

20. Translate a Blog – Do you speak another language? Find a really successful blog in that other language and offer to translate their blog into English so they can reach a larger audience.

21. Design WordPress Template – Do you have some awesome ideas for a WordPress template? Design your own and sell it.

22. Create WordPress Plugins – Do you wish you had a certain plugin for WordPress? If you want it chances others do too. Design it and sell it.

23. Create an App – There are tons of tools out there to help you create an app. If you have a great idea, create it and put it on the marketplace and advertise it on your blog.

24. Create a Font – Blogs and websites are always looking for new fonts to distinguish their site. Create your own and sell it.

25. Create a Blog Template – If people love the set-up for your blog, create a template so they can easily create their own blog.

26. Blog Post Templates – So many time new bloggers don’t know the best way to set up their posts. Create a package of different templates to help them create engaging content.



27. Phone Consultation – This is a one-on-one discussion to see if your services meet the needs of your potential client. A lot of bloggers choose to give this away, but you do have the option to charge for your time.

28. Coaching/Mentoring – This is either one-on-one or in a group setting. It can be in-person, or online. It involves working with people to help them achieve a goal, whether it is personal or professional. This could be a program for a set length of time or an ongoing relationship you charge monthly.

29. Consulting – Consulting is different that coaching. Coaches work with their clients to motivate and inspire their best work. Consultants are there to teach a new skill or improve business practices. It is important to decide if you can and how you want to leverage both roles.

30. Mastermind Group – Masterminds are groups of people who meet together (whether in person or online) to share what they are doing in their business, brainstorm on improvements, set goals and hold each other accountable for those goals. You can form a mastermind group and have a one-time fee or monthly fee. Good mastermind groups often go on for years and propel people to greatness.

31. Master Classes – This would be a class involving those that had completed the first part of your training/coaching and were ready for advanced information. What makes master classes so great is everyone already has the same basics so you can build upon that with advanced content and group support. Really, it’s the combination of consulting and a mastermind group.

32. Live Stream Classes/Tutorials – This is great for artist, DIY-ers, or musicians, but works with any one-session class or tutorial. You can live stream it for free, but then later make the content only available for purchase. This is a great way to get new people to your blog. Periscope, Instagram Live and Facebook Live are all options for live streaming.

33. Live Online Events – This could be a less formal event like a coffee chat, product review or book group. There would be a small fee to attend and it could be held in Google Hangouts so all the participant could be viewed at once. Since Google Hangout can only have 10 participants at a time, the group would be small but could meet often. It’s a great way to connect with others with similar interests.

34. Online Blog Conference – Think TedTalks for bloggers. This doesn’t have to be topic specific but it should be industry professionals who have an interesting message to share. It should be entertaining, teach and hopefully inspire. The best way to put this on is to have 5 to 10 bloggers work together to promote it, have an entrance fee to watch it live, sell the recordings afterward and then everyone split the profits.

35. Virtual Summit – A virtual summit is like an online blog conference, but instead of presentations, one person is interviewing industry leaders. The format could be a webinar with a charge for participation or a live video stream with the content available later for purchase. What’s wonderful about each option is the audience has a chance to participate and ask questions.

In-Person Events

36. Meet and Greet – If you are traveling to an area, let your readers know that you will be holding a meet and greet at a local establishment. You can open this up to everyone and not charge anything or you can have a small fee to attend. Your audience will love the opportunity to meet you face-to-face and ask you questions. You could also live stream the event.

37. Live Blog Conference – This is an expensive option, but if you could get hundreds or thousands to attend, it would be well worth the cost. Again, you could partner with other bloggers to split up the work, but you would also split the profit.

38. Live Seminar – This is a much smaller scale than a conference, but could have a similar result. With a seminar, it’s normally a single speaker and only 1 to 2 hours in length. It’s a great way to get people excited about your products or services.

39. Live Blog Panel – Another event that is a much smaller scale than a conference is a panel. This is more of a question and answer event with industry experts.

40. Speaking Engagements – Businesses and organizations will often hire a speaker to come to their events. If you have an enjoyable presentation that applies to their industry, you could be a public speaker.


41. Members Only Area – Have some of your content only available to members who pay a one-time fee or a monthly subscription.

42. Members Only Forum – Add a forum that is only available to members. This could be on the site or a special group like a Facebook group. Again, members pay a one-time fee or a monthly subscription.

43. Paid Directory Listing – Businesses pay to be listed in a directory on your site.

44. Sell or Rent Internal Pages – The easiest way to do this is to have a “Featured Business” page or “Featured Product” page on your site. It’s different from a post since the company could provide the content and it would disappear once their rental contract was over.

45. “Hire Me” Page – Make sure your site visitors know all the services you offer.

46. “Advertise With Me” Page – People won’t know all the ways they can advertise with you unless you tell them. They might not even think of it before seeing it as an option.

47. Branded CAPTCHA – Most sites have some form of anti-spam to keep their email list clear of spammers. Why not make a little money from it, too? Sites like CaptchMe and SolveMedia use branded CAPTCHA to you get the security your blog needs and a little extra cash on the side.

48. Offer Email Opt-Ins for Additional Blogs – The concept is pretty cool. Once someone signs up for your email list, they can choose to sign up for other blogs that have similar content. If they do, you get paid. This is also a great way to build your email list. Check out AfterOffers to learn more.

49. Content Lockers – This allows you to offer part of the information or a teaser and people have to pay to get the rest. Some news organizations use this by showing the first couple paragraphs of an article and then requiring you to pay for a subscription to access the rest. You can do this on your website or blog. Have a list of tips and give the first few for free but have an in-depth list to buy. Or give a brief overview of how to solve a problem and then offer a step-by-step guide for purchase.

50. Sponsored Related Content – You’ve probably seen these at the end of online articles. It’s a list of articles that your reader might want to check that normally takes them to another site. You can also have them on your blog or website. There ad services that will add these to your blog automatically. A better way: contact other bloggers in your genre and suggest a lead magnet swap.

51. Push Notifications – So many websites and blogs are asking readers to give them their email address. People are getting very hesitant to give them out. Stand out from the crowd by getting your content to your readers through push notifications. With two clicks your readers can subscribe to your website or blog – no email required. Now your readers will get a push notification each time you post. Sites like OneSignal, PushCrew, Realtime, and PushWoosh can get you started.

Paid Advertising

Google Adsense is the most well-known advertising option. There’s some debate on if you should add ads to your blog.

“Google Adsense can be a decent source of income for sites with a high volume of organic search traffic, but for a new site it will be pennies and will only serve as a distraction.”
Charles Coxhead quoted on firstsiteguide.com

“NO brainer this is the simplest & authentic way to monetize your blog. This is the first ad monetization network almost 70% of bloggers around the globe try.”
Harsh Agarwal quoted on firstsiteguide.com

If you are successful with other types of strategies, don’t do the paid advertising. It’s not worth potentially losing a customer for a $0.01 click. Here’s a list of lots of ways you can add advertising to your blog.

52. Banner Ads – Often at the top or bottom of the web page.

53. In-Text Ads – Links within the text of a web page.

54. Delayed Cookie Ads – Keeps track so visitors see different ads each time they visit the site.

55. Targeted Ads – You get to choose which ads are displayed on your site.

56. RSS Ads – Ads inserted into the RSS feed.

57. Pop-Under Ads – Ads that appear when someone is about to leave a page or the website.

58. PPC – Pay Per Click Ads

59. PPM – Pay Per Mile Ads

60. CPM – Cost Per Thousand Ads

61. PPV – Pay Per View

62. Audio Ads – Like radio ads for your website. This is new. You can learn more here.

63. Pop Up Ads/Lightbox ads – Appears when you enter a page or site.

64. Content Based Ads – Ads that correspond to the keywords in your posts.

65. Scrolling Ads – Ads that maintain their position on the page when the reader scrolls down or the reader have to scroll through the ad to see the rest of the article.

66. Related Content Ads – Appear at the bottom of your post and are about similar topics.

67. Cloud Ads – Ads that appear in the sidebar as a keyword cloud

68. In-Image Ads – Ads that match the images on the page.

69. Ad Space – Businesses can display their ads on your blog instead of going through a third party. You would negotiate the terms directly with the business.

70. Coupons – Display a coupon or discount with a unique code to track back to your site.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing allows you to post links to items on other sites and get a percentage of any sales from your traffic. There are tons of affiliate companies and products out there. If you love a product, contact the company and see if you can become an affiliate for them.

Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.
Bo Bennet

Affiliate marketing is about being open and honest about the products and resources you love, find helpful, and have used to grow your business.
-Pat Flynn

If you want to go more in depth, check out SmartBlogger’s Affiliate Marketing: The Most Complete Guide Ever

Check out these different types of affiliates.

71. Online Stores like Amazon.

72. Online music and podcasts sites like iTunes.

73. Job boards like Indeed.

74. Auction sites like Ebay.

75. Shopping widgets that display another store’s merchandise.

76. Digital Media sites like 2Checkout.

77. Web hosting platforms like BlueHost.

78. College affiliate programs.

79. Embed tools from financial websites like CurrencyFair.

80. Develop an affiliate program to sell your own products on other sites.


Writing Gigs

81. Sponsored Posts – Businesses pay for you to write about their product, service, or travel destination.

82. Product Reviews – Businesses send you a product and ask you to try it and write up your thoughts about it.

83. Contests – Often companies will have a contest to go along with a sponsored post or product review. A select number of lucky readers will win the product or service.

84. Become a Brand Ambassador – If you really love a certain brand, you might want to reach out about becoming an ambassador for them. Instead of the occasional blog post, now your are a continual part of their marketing efforts. You can be part of product launches, focus groups, social media efforts and more.

85. Paid Surveys/Polls – Companies are always looking for more information about their product and surveys and polls are a great way to do this. It can be as easy as creating a survey with SurveyMonkey and sending it out to your readers.

86. Focus Group – With a focus group you hand-select a group of 5 to 10 other people and companies send products to the whole group. Instead of writing one product review, you have a panel discussion.

87. Guest Posts/Freelancing – Write for other blogs under your name.

88. Copywriting – Writing for advertising a product or service and your work is not credited.

89. Ghostwriting – Ghostwriting is very similar to copywriting except you are contractually bound to not disclose you wrote the piece.

90. Private Label Rights – This is where an author creates contents and then sells most or all of their rights to the intellectual property. Businesses can then change it as much or as little as they want.

91. Cover Letter/Resume writing – This is just like it sounds; you get paid for creating an engaging cover letter and resume. This works well if you also have a job board.

92. Post on Flattr – People who are on Flattr basically commit to paying people who have content they like. They have a monthly budget and every post that they like in that month gets a portion of the budget.



Video is hot right now. Adding video to your website not only can increase traffic but adds an additional dynamic that helps your readers engage with you and your site. Don’t forget to embed the video in your site and add links to any products or services you mention.

Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning… [and] video helps capture and contextualize the world around us.
Dan Patterson

93. YouTube Ads – If you produce video, YouTube ads are a great source of income. There are two types. 1) Skippable ads can be skipped after a few seconds. These don’t force people to watch. 2) Non-skippable ads require the viewer to watch the entire 15-20 second ad before your content plays.

94. YouTube Cards and End Screens – You have the ability to add cards and end screens to videos that allow you to link to your products, recommend other videos to your views or poll your audience.

95. Sponsored Videos – These are a lot like sponsored posts where a company will give you product or pay you to review their product on YouTube.

96. Referral Videos – This works well with items or services you have an affiliate account with. If you review or mention them in your video, you can have a link in the video description.

97. Live Sponsored Videos – Instead of posting a video on YouTube, you can broadcast live about a sponsor. You could do a behind-the-scenes live video or man-on-the-street interview segment about their product or service. Or you can hold a contest or competition and live stream the action. This works really well if you have a large Facebook, Instagram or Twitter following.

98. Video Sponsors – If you have a lot of subscribers on your YouTube channel you might want to look into getting sponsors for your videos. These are different from sponsored videos in that you aren’t reviewing the sponsor’s product. You just mention them during the video and tell people to check them out. It’s a good idea to let your audience know that they are a sponsor of the video.

99. Expand on Popular Videos – If you see one of your videos is getting a lot of views, make sure to capitalize on that. You can either add a call to action link directly to the video or produce an in-depth video course on that topic.



Podcasts are an amazing way to get noticed. People have built huge followings in a matter of months with podcasts. Make sure to embed the podcast in your blog or website and add show notes so they can easily find all the links.

45 million people are going on iTunes every month, searching for content to fill their rides, to fill their workout. Why not reach out to that demographic?
John Lee Dumas

100. Podcast Sponsor – Brands pay you to mention them on your podcast. Most people let their listeners know that they are a sponsor.

101. Paid Interviews – Many podcasts actually charge people to be interviewed.

102. Sell Your Guests’ stuff – You can get a piece of the pie from the stuff your guests are promoting. To do this most guests will have a special offer that is just for your listeners. This works with either a unique code or link. When your listeners get the deal, you get a portion of the revenue.

103. Referral Sponsorships – This is a great method for new podcasters. Basically, you have an affiliate link that you mention on your podcast and then you get paid if people check it out. Here are a few examples. Audible gives a free audiobook. Lyft gives a $20 ride. Ebates will give $10 to new members. SiriusXM, Diaper Junction,  The Honest Company all have free trials and Sephora will give $10 in new product.

104. Sell your own product – Use every opportunity to mention how your listeners can get the products you sell.

105. Create an Audio Book – Compile clips or entire podcasts on related topics into an audio book for purchase.

106. Members Only Podcast – This works well if you have a “Members Only” section to your website, but any popular podcast could have certain episodes or the full episode only available to members.

Pictures and Graphics

107. Stock Photographs – Many bloggers are also great photographers. Why not monetize that talent? Become a contributor at Getty Images, Shutterstock, or foap.

108. Host Photos on Your Site – Contact photographers or artists and offer to host their photos on your site with links where your readers can buy stock photos or prints. You get a portion of the profits.

109. Photo Books – Compile your best photos into a photo book and sell it on your website.

110. Graphic Creation – Many bloggers are awesome at creating custom graphics. If this is you, offer to create custom graphics for others to use. It could be graphics for social media or media for their blog posts.

111. Sell Infographics – Infographics are visual representations of facts and figures. They tend to get shared a lot. Find a trending blog post (BuzzSumo is great for this) and offer to create an infographic for them. Be sure to have lots of infographics on your site as examples.

112. Covert Branding – You see this on TV and movies all the time. It’s where a brand pays to be mentioned or seen. This could be as easy as wearing a t-shirt with a brand on it or having something displayed in the background. It’s easiest with visual content like photos or videos.

Email and Newsletters

113. Email/Newsletter Sponsor – Just like with video or podcasts, you can have a sponsor for your email. They pay you to mention their product in your email or newsletter or have an ad displayed.

114. Favorite Blogs/Website List – You can make suggestions of other blogs your readers might like. If you are going to call it your favorite blog list, make sure they are blogs you enjoy. Other blogs can pay to be on the list or you can promote each other.

115. Subscriber Discounts – The main reason to have an email list is to sell your stuff, so don’t forget to offer exclusive stuff or special pricing to your email list.

116. Generate an Email List for Your Sponsor – Instead of building your own email list, you could help your sponsor create an email list. Some ways that this would work are holding a contest for a sponsor, promoting services from the sponsor or offer a how-to paper that highlights the sponsor.


Social Media

117. Takeovers – This is where you take over a brand’s social media site, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. You let your followers know that you will be on their account and then they will follow that account to see what you post.

118. Hashtag party – This is typically a Twitter Chat but can be done on Instagram too. Basically, you come up with a hashtag that is specific to that brand or event and encourage your followers to post with that hashtag. Normally this includes games and prizes to get others interested.

119. Sponsored Posts – Just like with your blog, you can have sponsored social media posts. The company pays you to post about their product or service.

Ask For It

120. Donate to a Charity – Partner with a charity who will promote your site or products and you give them a portion of the proceeds.

121. Ask for Donations – Many blogs have a donate button on their site or check out TipTheWeb.

122. Angel Investors – Often these are friends or family but anyone can be an investor. You can get a loan or give them a share of the profits.

123. Crowdfunding – This works better for special projects you are trying to accomplish. It really works well if those projects benefit others.

There you have it; 123 brilliant ways to make money blogging. The most important step is to start today. Want some help? Sign-up for a FREE 30-minute consultation and we will go over what will work best for your blog.


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