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The goal for any business is to make more sales. A great way to do that is to consistently interact with your customers. Now, when your customers need your product or service, your company is the first to come to mind.

If you’re a common household name or have a huge marketing budget, this isn’t too difficult. If you’re just starting out or have to make each marketing penny count, this can be quite the task. That when it’s time to get a little creative.


1. Pick Your Customer’s Brains

Engage your customers through picking their brainSocial media is awesome! When someone follows your brand you know they like your company. Most likely, they use your products or services. Instead of making it about your business, why not make it about them. Use social media to ask your connections their opinions.

– Ask them which color is best for a new product.

– Post two pictures of new menu items and see which one they choose. Better yet, follow up and ask them why.

– Conduct a survey to see which coupon would bring them in the door.

– You can even take it outside the digital world and invite engaged customers to be a part of a panel. There you can talk with them face-to-face and get their opinion about your business and it’s direction.

Now you have your very own focus group that’s invested in your brand.


2. No more walk-bys

Tired of seeing tons of people walk by your storefront and never even glance at your store?  Change that with proximity-based, deal-finding apps like ShopAdvisor, Shopular and RetailMeNot and Thumbvista.  These apps send messages, coupons or deals to customers who are at your doorstep.


3. Help them keep on top of it all

If you can find a way to save someone time or money they will be loyal forever. Set up automatic reminders so they don’t miss important events or dates.

If you have a car repair shop, send email reminders about getting their oil changed, tires rotated or annual service checks. Attaching corresponding coupons is even better.

If you have a bakery or flower shop, collect the birth dates and anniversary dates of friends and family. Send reminders along with links to different gifts they might want to get for them.

A toy shop could list different toys that are perfect for the age and gender of a child whose birthday is coming up.

A restaurant could send out an offer for a romantic picnic dinner and a list of nearby romantic destinations.

You want to make it easy for them to check things off their to-do list and use your business to do so.


4. Tap into their competitive nature

People love trivia games. That’s why Jeopardy! has been around since 1964. SplashPlay is one-way businesses are engaging with their customers. Trivia games not only entertain their customers, but SplashPlay keeps them coming back with daily deals, free stuff, contests, and prizes. Now your customers are having tons of fun engaging with your brand.

Do you have some other ideas to engage your customers or get new ones?  Tell me in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “4 Unique Ways to Engage Your Customers (and get new ones)

  • Grey Dove

    What is splashPlay and where can I find it please?

    Also interesting, you site problems that afflict my business (both websites) but so many solutions don’t really apply to a small farm selling high-quality yarn, an exclusive pattern line (crochet and knitwear), and artisan goat’s milk soap and bath products! I’d adore some suggestions that would help draw new customers in for us.

    • admin

      Hi Grey Dove,

      Fill out the contact form and I will give you all the details about SplashPlay or check out this blog.



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  • Tharry Salley

    Excellent ideas. I hope you don’t mind if I use a couple.

  • Raymond Baxter

    I loved this. I like the idea of playing trivia. I think I’ll use that!

  • Sandy KS

    What wonderful ways to engage. Putting yourself out there and changing things up to be noticed. I like it.


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