6 Websites To Amp Up Your Blog Post Exposure

“I get too much web traffic,” said no one, ever. We all need to get our blog posts out there for people to see, share and comment on. Check out these 6 sites that will give your blog posts more exposure.

1. Triberr – Triberr is a community of bloggers who join tribes that mesh with their blog topic. They then share each other’s content, comment and get great information. Most people schedule posts on Twitter, so if you want a bigger Twitter audience, check it out.

I’ve been a member of Triberr for many years. It’s a great way to get your content in front of other bloggers, get more shares on social media sites and learn from other bloggers.

Join my “Blog Love Tribe” on Triberr!

2. Facebook Groups – There are tons of Facebook Groups devoted to bloggers and blogging. People from all over the world come together for encouragement, advice, blog shares, Instagram follows, Pinterest pins, Facebook likes, Twitter follows and more. Tons of exposure.  Be sure to read the rules. Each group has a different set of expectations and requirements.

3. CoPromote – CoPromote advertises themselves as “a free co-marketing platform that helps content creators boost their social shares”. Basically, when you share other people’s posts you earn points. You spend points when other people sharing your content. You can only share 15 posts a day on the free plan. Plan on getting on the site as much as possible to get lots of shares.

4. BizSugar – BizSugar gives small businesses a place to post their blog posts and network together. There isn’t as much sharing, but people do rate your posts.  It’s a great place to get your content seen by different people and discover other small businesses.

5. Pvblc – Pvblc (pronounced public) is a search engine that is organized by topics. It’s free to add your posts, articles, videos, and images and then categorize them by topics. The more categories you join, the more others see your content. It’s really new so now is the time to join and become a major influencer.

6. LinkedIn Groups – Do not join LinkedIn Groups unless you plan on being an active participant. The admins hate it when people just post their stuff and leave. If you plan on asking advice, helping others and joining discussions, LinkedIn groups are a great resource.

I hope you found some new sites where you can post your content and get some love. Did I miss any that you use? If so, let me know in the comments.

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