For Businesses

Why does SplashPlay work so well for businesses?

Google adsSo many businesses are trying to find a way to connect with their current customers and reach new customers.  They try print ads, online ads, social media and the fact is that most consumers have been conditioned to see right past those options. What makes SplashPlay stand out is customers are choosing to engage with businesses through SplashPlay.



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How can businesses use the daily deals to attract customers?

Attract CustomersThis really depends on the business and what their goals are.  They can choose to have one deal that runs all the time, a different deal for each day of the week or since businesses have access to their personal back office, they can change the deals as often as they like.  Businesses can even have flash sales that they run for a short amount of time or until a certain number of deals are redeemed.

The best part of the daily deals is it’s free to the business.  No longer do businesses have to pay a percentage of each deal that is sold.  Every business that partners with SplashPlay keeps 100% of the money collected.  That’s a big change from other deal sites that charge 50% or more.  This allows businesses to offer fantastic deals that will keep their customers coming back time and time again.


 What’s the best way to use the loyalty rewards?

Each business can offer up to three loyalty rewards at any given time.  The best way to maximize these rewards is to have one inexpensive reward that is easy to achieve and two awesome rewards that take some work.  The reason one should be easy to earn is when a player redeems a deal or reward, SplashPlay send that players contact information to the business so they can let the player know how to redeem it.  Now the business can track that customer better and offer specialized offers.  The other two should be difficult to earn, but highly desirable.  This will keep players coming back.


What share of the ad revenue goes back to the business?

Businesses earn 20% of all the ad revenue generated by players entering SplashPlay through a businesses unique link.


Can businesses get a personalized link to the their landing page?

Yes!  This is free for businesses with the lifetime license and is an additional cost for businesses with the monthly or annual license.


Can businesses cancel at any time?

Yes! Businesses are under no obligation to continue with SplashPlay for any length of time.