For Nonprofits

Why does SplashPlay works so well for nonprofits?

Nonprofits are awesome!  They do amazing things for this world.  They could do more if they had the funding, but that’s often difficult to find. Most people would love to give more to the organizations they support, but they just don’t have the money to do so.  Now they can donate without spending a dime.

All a nonprofit needs to do is let people know that if they play trivia games, the nonprofit earns money.  Honestly, who’s going to refuse to play games knowing it helps out an organization they believe in?



How much can nonprofits make with SplashPlay?

Nonprofits earn 40% of all the ad revenue earned by players coming to SplashPlay through that organization’s unique link.  So it is completely dependent on how many players come to the site, how many questions they answer and how often they return.  A nonprofit that has a regular stream of players can easily earn hundreds, and likely thousands of dollars a month.


What is some ways to attract players?

The easiest way for an nonprofit to get players is to build an email list of people who commit to playing games a few times a week.  There are several ways to do this.  One way would be to turn to previous donors and volunteers and ask them.  Then those that agree, see if they would be willing to try to get 25 email address.  Now the organization has a good base of players and can start earning money right away.

Some other ways are to use social media, incorporate it with telemarketing efforts, pass out flyers, have a competition with a great prize, and so many more.


Do the daily deals still work for nonprofits?

Definitely!  There are a lot of ways that nonprofits can use the daily deals.  First, have a donate now button that links directly to the site instead of a deal.  Second, sell merchandise with the nonprofit’s logo.  Third, partner with a local business to offer their products as a daily deal with a portion of the proceeds going to the nonprofit.  These are a few ideas.  SplashPlay will be there every step of the way to personalize the deals to match the needs and resources of the nonprofit.


Should nonprofits use the loyalty rewards?

Absolutely!  This gives people more incentive to play the games and keep coming back.  One of the best ways to do this is by partnering with a local business who already supports the nonprofit.  They could give small rewards on behalf of the nonprofit and they get the goodwill from supporting a worthwhile cause.  Another option would be giving out swag with the logo on it (think LiveStrong bracelets) or offering discounts on upcoming events or tickets.  Really, it’s going to depend on the organization and what they want to do.


How does SplashPlay support nonprofits?

SplashPlay knows that our platform is useless if no one is using it.  That’s why we are committed to helping nonprofits every step of the way so they can get their personalized landing page up and running right away and people playing the games.  We know that with the right support, nonprofits can see success like they’ve never imagined.  No longer do nonprofits have to hold fancy events, ask for donations or sell items to get the funding they need.  All they need to do is ask people to play games.