What is SplashPlay?

SplashPlay Glassware Gamification


Originally SplashPlay started out as a marketing strategy for the restaurant industry.  We provided specialized gamification glassware to engage patrons through trivia.  Now SplashPlay has opened up their branded gaming platform so businesses in most industries can engage their customers and grow their business.  SplashPlay also helps nonprofits fundraise through trivia.




What sets SplashPlay apart?

SplashPlay incorporates trivia games, daily deals, loyalty rewards and a passive income stream that completely sets it apart from the competition.



Why online trivia games?

Trivia gamesPeople love to play games online.  Currently online gaming is a 32 billion dollar industry.  SplashPlay chose trivia for several reasons.  First, trivia is well-loved.  There’s a reason Jeopardy! has been around since 1964.  People enjoy the challenge.  Trivia is also easy to set up, has an infinite number of topics, and engages people of all ages and backgrounds.



How do the daily deals work?

When someone visits SplashPlay through a unique link, they have the option to check out that business or nonprofit’s daily deal each time they answer a trivia question.  There are endless options when it comes to what to offer as a daily deal and can be changed weekly, daily or hourly.  Players will keep checking to see the new deals, especially if they are awesome!  The more engagement that player is with a brand, the more likely they are to be a repeat customer and recommend the brand to their friends and family.



How do the loyalty rewards work?

Every time a player answers a trivia question or shares on social media, their points are tracked.  Once they earn enough points, they can redeem those points for free stuff from the business or nonprofit that gave them their unique link.  It’s as easy as that.

How does SplashPlay work with social media?

Share on Social MediaPlayers are given tons opportunities to share the different trivia games and deals on social media.  When they share, they earn 500 loyalty points that they can store and redeem for free stuff.  The more they share, the faster they earn the free stuff. When they share on social media their friends and family see the recommendation and are more likely to play.  In fact, 50% of gamers say they’ll try a game based on a friend’s recommendation.  Since most people have around 275 connections on social media, that could be as many as 137 people trying out the game, seeing the deals and earning rewards.  Then they share on social media, and their friends share on social media until you have a viral event that grows bigger than you can imagine.



How does the passive income work?

Anytime a player answers a trivia question they see a banner ad.  They don’t have to click on it or buy anything, but because that banner ad is there ad revenue is generated.  SplashPlay shares the ad revenue with the businesses and nonprofits that bring players to the site.  The key is to consistently have players coming to the site.  This happens with fun games, amazing daily deals, cool loyalty rewards, social media engagement and gathering email lists.  Businesses and nonprofits who really utilize SplashPlay can earn hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each month in ad revenue.

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